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About Get in the Game, Durango!

We believe in the power of sports and extracurriculars and the ever-important character it embeds in our youth. Co-curricular activities provide many positive opportunities for engagement, inclusion and growth for both students, coaches, and sponsors, and also creates important connections and links to school and academic success for kids.


According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students who participate in extracurriculars at school, including clubs and sports, are:

  • More likely to have good attendance in school
  • Have a lower chance of skipping school
  • Are twice as likely than non-participating students to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Are more likely to earn a post-secondary degree

Our students have many years of accolades, scholarships and national recognition for their efforts in music and athletics, and 80% of DHS students participate in some sort of co-curricular. The current stadium at DHS, which was built when the school was built in the ‘70’s, received a facelift in the mid-90s to make the field and track usable again after years of deterioration. Those “patches” had well exceeded their expiration point and the field was also well below safety standards. We had reached a critical point two years ago and had to decide to find ways to re-invest in our kids’ sporting and co-curricular programs, or cease offering many of them, including staple programs like Football.


The District, with the support of the School Board, made the commitment to maintain its co-curricular activities, with the promise of using donation and sponsorship dollars to support the programs. That’s where we need your help. Costs to maintain the sports facility and programs continues to rise; the cost to travel to the front range and other competitions across the country also continues to rise with the varying successes of our students, including DECA, the new ski team and our DHS Red Pride Band. We are trying to find like-minded partners who would mutually benefit from the continuation of a strong athletic and co-curricular program in 9-R, which serves both 9-R and non-9-R students.


Co-curricular activities support a critical extension to what we offer in our schools and bring our community partners into the direct success of our students. We hope you can help us continue to make our co-curricular programs top notch and sustainable today and into the future. Check out all the ways you can help out!