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Boys Tennis


Coaching Staff

Head Coach – Todd Jolley (tjolley@durangoschools.org cell: 307-431-6676)

Asst. Coach - Dave Weisfeldt (dweisfeldt@durangoschools.org cell: 970-769-1329)

Specialist Coach – Mike Moriarty (mike@durangotennispro.com cell: 970-946-7160)

Specialist  Coach – Dani Phillis (daniella.phillis@gmail.com cell: 603-566-1345)

**note: Though these are our general roles, all coaches will work with all athletes during the season.**

Practices Monday August 12th - Wednesday October 10th 

  • Monday – Friday 4:00 – 6:00 (JV may be released occasionally at earlier times)
  • Be at court 5 minutes early, in tennis attire, hydrated, fed, used the restroom, ready to play.
  • Bring racquet, sweatshirt, reusable water bottle, sun protection, non-marking court shoes.
  • Expect to prepare courts for practice and pick up all balls at the end.
  • JV team will not always have practice when Varsity is traveling. 


The coaches will be using text, email and phone calls to communicate; texts for immediate messaging, email for longer, less urgent communications, and phone calls for personal communications. Please be sure we have your correct information.


The main goal of any sport is to develop one’s skills, compete at your highest ability, build community, and have fun. The tennis team is no exception, and collectively, your coaches have come up with some guidelines to make our expectations clear so that everyone can grow, compete, and have fun together.

  1. Tryouts and varsity - Tennis is a “no-cut” sport. Tryouts will be conducted through challenge matches to identify the strongest team of 11 players (3 singles players, 4 doubles teams). Only your coaches can arrange challenge matches. Only varsity travels and plays matches. The JV/Developmental team practices and players are sometimes called on to swing up and play a match or travel to a match as an extra. Your coaches all believe in the importance of building a strong and competitive varsity team and also developing and encouraging JV/Developmental players.
  2. All pre-existing academic regulations set forth by DHS and CHSAA remain in place and determinations of eligibility, notably:
    • Any failing grade (below 60%) on the Monday grade pull renders the student ineligible to compete in matches for one week. *CHSAA policy*
    • Any grade below 70% on the Monday grade pull renders the student ineligible to miss school for athletics for one week or until the grade is a 70% or higher. *DHS policy*
    • Students must attend 5 classes in order to practice on the same day. Pre-arranged absences for legitimate reasons will be coaches discretion. *DHS policy*
  3. When you commit to being a varsity athlete, you commit to the varsity match schedule. Any requested absences for matches must be rare and unusual and discussed with the head coach prior.
  4. Attendance at practice is mandatory if you expect to play in matches; any requested absences must be discussed with coach prior. 
  5. Timeliness at practice is mandatory; any requested tardies must be discussed with coach prior. Repeated tardiness to practice will result in consequences discussed by you and your coaches.
  6. Cell phones do not belong at practice – leave in bags or lockers.
  7. There is a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use or possession during the season.
  8. Two captains will be appointed early in the season – they will be responsible for leading parts of warm-up, designating uniform colors, organizing team socials, etc.
  9. Coaches will be in charge of setting rooms for travel – anticipate two upperclassmen/two underclassmen per room.
  10. Proper court etiquette is to be expected during practice and matchplay – coaches will address any issues with effort/yelling/racquet throwing/etc on an individual basis.
  11. Coaches, captains, and team managers are the only ones allowed in the tennis shed. 
  12. All teammates, coaches, and managers are to be treated with respect – everyone involved with this team brings something different of value to the table and it’s important to remember to appreciate them for that.
  13. Match & Travel Schedule – (subject to change) Varsity and JV tennis players attend home matches and only Varsity travels. Varsity roster will be communicated weekly. Travel may be the day before the match due to long commute times. Please review the schedule and if you have a conflict with any of these matches please discuss with Coaches ASAP.


To earn a Varsity Letter: at the discretion of the coaches, but at the minimum must:

  • Player must have played at least 3 varsity matches.
  • Player must have no violations of the athletic code of conduct.
  • Player must have no unexcused absences from practice.
  • Player must not have been declared ineligible at any time.
  • Player must demonstrate principles of good sportsmanship.
  • Player must complete the season – including play at regional and state competition.


Tennis is an intense physical, mental, and emotional game.  Frustration with yourself, opposing players, coaches and parents, is a reality. Learning how to handle this pressure and deal with it effectively will not only win you matches, but earn you respect from all those sources of frustration. We insist our players accept responsibility for their actions on the court, and especially for negative behaviors.  Make sure you have a handle on any emotional issues that may surface on the court or at practice. If feel you need help addressing this, please talk to us. It is perhaps the most important part of our job as coach. We will ALWAYS conduct ourselves as mature, responsible young adults while participating in tennis and representing our community.  

Varsity Uniform

  • Red or black shorts – many have your own – DHS will provide for the season if you don’t
  • Top – DHS owns this and provides for the season, please bring a plain white or red shirt as a backup.
  • Outerwear/warm-ups - DHS own this and provides for the season
  • Team gear for JV & Varsity: Team shirts and outerwear will be offered, details TBD

Being a Student Athlete and the Art of Time Management

We ask that everyone be as PROACTIVE as they can in this regard – please plan ahead:

  • Check for when matches may be a potential conflict with an assignment or test and communicate.
  • Communicate with your coaches and teachers as far ahead as possible so we can make a plan that is fair to everyone.
  • Study ahead of time – your coaches expect you to be at all practices and matches – missing one of these to study shows lack of appropriate time management skills expected when participating in extra-curricular and could affect your opportunity to letter.